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Frequently Asked Question about Cap•A•Cooz are listed below...

What's a Cap•A•Cooz?

Cap•A•Cooz™ bottle opener is the ultimate beverage accessory, combining a drink insulator with an integrated bottle opener.

What are Cap•A•Cooz shipping costs?

All Standard Shipping for single and 6-Packer orders of Cap•A•Cooz is $1.

Can I print my own logo/picture/text on Cap•A•Cooz?

< Absolutely. Custom Cap•A•Cooz are a great way to make your mark. There is a minimum of 36pcs, but you'll also get a great break in pricing. You can find more info on our Custom Page.

I want a different color than what's available in the Cap•A•Cooz Store...Can I get it?

Yes and no. For custom Cap•A•Cooz orders, we offer expanded color options above certain quantities, for the sake of inventory. For standard orders we only offer what's available in the store although we're looking to continue to expand that selection to more and more options.

Can I get Cap•A•Cooz in stores

You can find Cap•A•Cooz in a few select and wonderful stores, or you could go ahead and get them while you're here!

Does Cap•A•Cooz work on twist-off bottle caps?

Absolutely... save your hands!

Does Cap•A•Cooz hold a can?

Cap•A•Cooz will hold roughly 98.27% of standard cans and bottles.

I've seen pictures of Cap•A•Cooz t-shirts, how do I get one?

You can either come to a Cap•A•Cooz event or you can hold out that they'll reappear in the store...

How do I get my pictures on the website?

Send them to us at Cap•A•Cooz photos or become a fan of Cap•A•Cooz on Facebook and post them there!

How many Cap•A•Cooz are in a 6-Packer?

More than five (5) but less than seven (7).

Can I order more than one 6-Packer?

Please do! Mix and match any combination of Cap•A•Cooz singles and 6-Packers that you'd like!

I've heard of a Cap•A•Cazooka...

Shhh... we're not allowed to tell you. Yet.

Can I order Cap•A•Cooz in quantities other than 1 or 6

Yes. If you just want a bunch of Cap•A•Cooz, contact us, or you can adjust your quantities within your cart at the store to suit your needs.

Is the Cap•A•Cooz a hard-shell coozie?

No. While the bottle-opening base of the Cap•A•Cooz is rigid, the rest of the Cap•A•Cooz is made of dual-layer, vinyl-dipped foam. Cap•A•Cooz is comfortable in the hand, accommodates almost any bottle or can beverage and is made of very resilient materials.

Does Cap•A•Cooz float?

Cap•A•Cooz does float and is at home on any boat or in the water!

If I place a custom order for 144 Cap•A•Cooz what colors can i choose from?

This information [and more!] can be found at our Custom Page.

I want to sell Cap•A•Cooz in my store what do I need to do?

Please contact us to discuss opportunities to team-up with Cap•A•Cooz.

What is the Cap•A•Cooz Return Policy?

We proudly make Cap•A•Cooz in the USA and strive to have zero manufacturing problems. If you receive a defective Cap•A•Cooz, let us know within 30 days of receipt and we will gladly arrange to replace or refund the defective merchandise

We will accept returns on perfectly good, unused Cap•A•Cooz within 30 days of purchase for a refund. Based on the condition of the returned merchandise, returned orders are subject to restocking fees. Contact us for returns

I still have a question…

Email us. Just because your question isn't asked frequently, doesn't mean we won't answer it!